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2/25/201612U is looking for one to two players to complete their roster. Contact Tom Sorce to schedule an evaluation.Tom S


Our 2016 sponsors are online. Their donations of money and services are a big reason for the success of this organization. Please support our sponsors!


Go to the Teams page. Rosters are final for the 2016 season.

18U Updates

18U at USSSA End of Summer Blowout

7/26/2015 - Congratulations to Ed Seidl's 18U team on going 7-0 while winning the 2015 USSSA "End of Summer Blowout" in Cape May Courthouse, NJ.

18U at Shockmania

6/15/2015 - Congratulations to Ed Seidl's 18U team on winning the 2015 USSSA "Shockmania", a USSSA World Series Qualifier.

14U Updates

14U at North Fayette Open

Congratulations to John Tortorea's 14U team on taking 2nd at the 2015 USSSA North Fayette Open.